10 Items that Will Make Pregnancy Easier

While some moms rave about how easy their pregnancy were, that isn’t the case for the majority of expectant mothers. From morning sickness to back pain to fatigue, growing another human can take a temporary toll on your body. Thankfully there are plenty of items on the market that can help ease aches and pains and make being pregnant more of the joyful experience we all want it to be.

Here are 10 items that moms-to-be might just want to invest in during the long, nine-months leading to their little human joining the real world.

1. Pregnancy Pillows

Getting a good night’s sleep is especially important when pregnant. While it might not be too hard to achieve this without support during the first trimester, as your bump grows, the need for additional comfort will grow as well. There are many types of pregnancy pillows to choose from the Snoogle to the PharMeDoc to the u-shaped Queen Rose pillow. There is also a wedge pillows to ease the bump while sleeping and sitting and the Boppy that is great for adding extra support while sitting up in bed.

2. Body Raft

The Holo Raft is perfect if you have a summer pregnancy, but it can also be used all year long. Like a pregnancy pillow, this blow-up raft allows you to lounge with your belly comfortably supported inside a center hole whether on the water or in the house.

3. Essential Oils and Diffuser

Fill your home with the soothing aromas of your favorite scents and set a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that might just make you forget you’re at home and not at the spa. When choosing your diffuser make sure that it’s BPA free.

4. Bra Extenders

Bras are expensive! There’s no need to buy a whole new set while pregnant. Simply purchase some fastener extenders and add them to your favorite bras when the bump starts demanding some extra room.

5. Compression Socks

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, compression socks are a must-have. They help increase blood flow, decrease swelling in your feet, and will also help prevent varicose veins from developing. If your feet decide to expand, as many due during pregnancy, these are perfect to wear with your favorite slippers.

6. Preggie Pops

Morning sickness is a real pain, but with these pregnancy pops, you can decrease your chances of getting it, or at least ease the symptoms once you do. They are gluten free and come in four yummy flavors. With 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon and more than 700 positive reviews, it’s safe to say these are worth a shot if you’re feeling queasy.

7. Belly Band

Say good-bye to back pain—at least temporarily, belly bands will add the support you’re craving and help you feel snug as a bug in a rug at the same time. Belly bands can be especially helpful during exercise to help keep the belly in place. In addition, they can help support good posture. However, belly bands should only be worn for a couple hours at a time.

8. Epsom Salt bath

After a long day on your feet with the extra baby weight, your body is going to feel weary and worn out, a good soak in Epsom salt can help ease those tired muscles and joints. As the skin starts stretching, Epsom salt has also been known to help provide soothing relief. Who wouldn’t want that after a long, hard day with a growing baby inside?

9. Belly Butter

Speaking of stretching skin, hydrating with belly butter can also help reduce stretch marks. Women who have used Burt’s Bees’ Belly Butter reported less marks than they were expecting to have after their pregnancy.

10. Headphones for the Baby

Moms and dads have been talking and singing to their babies for generations, now you can share your favorite tunes directly with your baby with Womb Music or a set of BellyBuds. Womb Music will also allow you to turn the listening around and hear your baby’s heartbeat. One more way you can start bonding before the baby is even born!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of doctors. It’s always a good idea to talk to a physician about any concerns you might have during pregnancy. You can reach us at, 423-339-1400. We have two convenient locations in both Cleveland and Ooltewah to meet your needs.