6 Ways To Have A Fun Fall Pregnancy!

Being pregnant any time of year is a totally awesome thing! However, for those of you who are pregnant during the Fall months, check out these six ways to have a ton of ​extra​ fun during the season!

Continue Learning!

Schools are back in session! Some of you with other kids may welcome the break from summer vacation. While it’s good to catch up on your rest, there are a ton of other things you can use this extra time for.

Kids aren’t the only ones who can be learning during this time. As an expecting mom, there are tons of things that you could learn about and educate yourself on in regards to having your baby and life after he or she has entered the world.

For example, you can sign up for a childbirth or parenting course, or get a head-start on breastfeeding by attending a seminar or meeting with our lactation consultant here in town.

Say “Cheese”!

Maternity photos are very popular right now, and what better time of year could you choose than Autumn for beautiful outdoor backdrops!?

The changing colors and vibrant flowers add the most beautiful touch to maternity photos. In the Tennessee valley, the smoky mountains are only a short drive away! Get creative with your photographer and have a blast taking your photos!

Indulge In Your Cravings

Fall is known for pumpkin-spice and apple cider everything! There are also tons of festivals and craft fairs that occur during the Fall months that have some pretty tasty treats that you’ll love to indulge in. Anything from candied apples, to funnel cakes, to hot apple cider, pregnancy cravings in the Fall are better!

Boo Baby!

Halloween is obviously a Fall holiday. There are so many fun ways to celebrate the holiday if you’re pregnant! For example, you can dress your bump! Some moms have painted their bellies as pumpkins while others have made faces or characters to accompany their own costumes! (However, the best part about this holiday if you’re pregnant is…the ​candy​!)

Layer Up!

Layers are in! While you may get warm very quickly if you’re pregnant, you can still take part in the fashion game if you choose your layers wisely.

Instead of a thick wool sweater, opt for a lighter top that flows, and pair it with some comfortable leggings and a nice pair of flats. Comfort and style with little effort? Win-win!


Fall usually brings cooler weather in Tennessee. So, if possible, get outside and enjoy it! Try creating a walking routine or enjoy some light landscaping fun around your home.

Remember, the more active you are while you’re pregnant, the easier delivery will be and the more prepared you will be when your baby comes home. (Before starting any kind of exercise routine, be sure to consult your doctor to ensure that the activity is safe for you and your baby.)

If you are expecting during this season, enjoy it! If you have questions or concerns, we are here to help! Don’t forget to ask about our birthing classes and breastfeeding courses/lactation clinic.